Searching for guidance…

Searching for guidance…

Ok so as I stated in my previous post I am such a noob at this kind of thing ( noob is gamer for beginner for those who don’t know ) so i decided to turn to good old………


For some much needed advice 🙂 and oddly enough there’s LOTS of helping sites out there, but they seemed very repetitive or vague. Not much help at all really.

I did happen across 3 useful sites how ever;

How To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

This site was very adamant about grammar, proof reading, and really getting into what your writing about, basically pick something you love and fly with it.

It’s great and all but that still isn’t helping with my debacle of WTF DO I BLOG ABOUT! lol. And seriously no offence to the articles writer but grammar, proof reading etc, all that jazz, is common knowledge. It’s just these days it’s lost on the younger generation because they don’t give a flying rats in my opinion.


But yes all right, great tips to point out, the way I interpreted the article is basically go back to high school with your writing, treat it like an English essay to begin with till you get into the swing of things 🙂

This article, again not overly helpful to my debacle but handy tips, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. the gist that i got from this one was plan your every word, your every movement on the keyboard, research the shit out of what your posting, cross check/reference absolutely everything, but still not real help in picking ones topic :(. My blog stay topicless, it may stay momentumless………


How to Decide What to Blog About

This one is a bit more thorough in what can you blog about, see apparently I need to find a niche, a problem, a topic that people want to read about. So that’s thrown out the proverbial window, because what I was thinking about blogging about…….. is over saturated in the blogosphere, which this article kindly covers, to go to specific with your topic but don’t be soooooo vague that you’ll end up hidden in the amasses of similar blogs.

All righty then!………

So at the moment I’m still lost for what to dedicate my new found space to….. find my niche…. something I’m passionate about…… well that narrows it down to being a mum; but that topics widely covered already, then there’s my love of the arts and crafts; again an over saturated topic, or my love of paganism/Wicca religion and all things natural; but I myself don’t feel confident in my knowledge of this to dedicate an entire blog to it, it wouldn’t get very far……


So back to my drawing board for now, I think for the time being I might just make this a blog dedicated to the random findings and ramblings of a stay at home mum, things i find that spark debate within my self, or teach me something new, as they say we learn every day 🙂


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