Blogger virginity *POOF* gone…..

Blogger virginity *POOF* gone…..

OK sooooooooooooo this is the first time I’ve even looked at a blogging website lol, and when I signed up nearly a month ago I had all intentions of this becoming another one of those lame arsed mummy pages where a mum sits at her laptop and writes about all the cutesy stuff her kids did………..

……..yeah how do they find the time for that!!!!! I’m to busy watching my kids doing the cutesy stuff to even think about blogging it down, like my lil miss 5 months has this new thing where she sneezes then finishes it off blowing raspberries, shes been doing it for 3 wks lol.

So now I’m thinkin well maybe this could be a reflection blog about whats happened in the day and how i dealt with it as a mum/wife/me………..

that never happened either…………….

……..I soon came to realise that nothing out of the ordinary actually happens in my day to day life that is really blog worthy nor with how I dealt with it; babies bum exploded yup I cleaned that shit up, bathed her, clean clothes n clean nappy later crisis over! None of this rolling her onsie a certain way so poop doesn’t spread, its shit its gunna go everywhere.


I am now back to square frikkin one as to what to be bloggin to you internet people, English was never my strong point, to much writing and thinking and mixing said two things together lol.

Sooooo the big Q now is WTF DO I BLOG ABOUT lol xD………. stay tuned.


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